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Thank you for a great CHIMES Project!

CHIMES was a great success, but now it approached its final milestone.

Following the Transnational Meeting and the Multiplier Event in Amposta, the CHIMES Consortium worked on the very last project tasks. Read further and find out more!

Here are the NEWS!

Splendid Events in Amposta

On Thursday, the 16th of February 2023, the CHIMES Consortium has had the final Transnational Meeting. Partners discussed the administrative matters of the CHIMES Project in a closed meeting and prepared for the 2nd event on Friday, the 17th of February 2023, which was the Multiplier Event. During the conference, the CHIMES project's results were presented to the audience, followed by 2 sessions, Methodologies and Impact. The event was concluded with a round table, during which youth and professionals told the participants their stories as beneficiaries of our project.

At last, the Project outputs!

We are glad to share with you the following three outputs:

  • The CHIMES Methodology Handbook - which can be accessed here. In this guide, you may find case studies, best practice and useful resources so that you can implement the CHIMES' method in your activities. The guide is also available in Hungarian, Italian, Portugese, Romanian and Spanish.

  • The CHIMES Audio-Video Journal - watch it here. Thanks to our Italian partner, CESIE, we are happy to present you an amazing video compilation of the activities carried out through the project's workshops and community festivals.

  • The CHIMES Gallery - available here. Testimonials and slide decks of the CHIMES' 3 case studies are now uploaded on our website. Check them out!

On a final note, may we take this opportunity to say a 'BIG THANK YOU!' to everyone who was involved in the CHIMES Project:

  • Thank You, participants, for being so involved and open to learn! We hope this was a great opportunity for you to succeed in your future careers.

  • Thank You, teachers, facilitators, and creative arts practitioners, for your hard work and dedication to help the students achieve their dreams!

  • Thank You, partners, for doing such an brilliant job in developing and implementing the CHIMES Project!

Even though the CHIMES Project has ended, we encourage you to contribute to its success by further implementing the Methodology. We are always at your disposal - do not hesitate to use the Contact form which remains open in case you have any questions or require support from our teams!

Wishing you all the best,


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