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Upcoming Transnational Meeting and Multiplier Event in Amposta

Great News: The CHIMES Consortium and LTTA Participants will meet again!

Well, it is finally here! This week we will gather in the beautiful city of Amposta, Spain for the presentation of the Erasmus+ CHIMES Project through a super series of events that are just around the corner.

Partners are very much looking to getting together and taking our project forward through the Multiplier Event!

Fundació Gentis has coordinated the European Project CHIMES by improving the capacities of young people at risk of exclusion through art and creativity. This has been an amazing project where the youth and professionals of our organisation together with other European entities have shared knowledge and enjoyed artistic and creative activities for improvement.

Our Last Transnational Meeting 📊

On Thursday, the 16th of February 2023, the CHIMES Consortium will have the final Transnational Meeting. Partners will discuss the administrative matters of the CHIMES Project in a closed meeting and will prepare for the 2nd event, that is...

The Multiplier Event 🎨

We are looking forward to seeing you on Friday, the 17th of February 2023, starting with 9:30am CET. The event is open, so anyone is more than welcome!

During the conference, we will present the results of the CHIMES Project. Moreover, we prepared 2 sessions, Methodologies and Impact, followed by a round table, during which youth and professionals will tell you their stories as beneficiaries of our project.

📍 The venue is Amposta Municipal Center, Nice Road, 6, 43870 Amposta, Tarragona.

🔖 Registration form:

❤️ We would love to have you there!


Before we say 'See you soon'...

CESIE created a short video that sums up the activities, festivals and workshops carried out during these 2 phenomenal years! This is just a sneak peek, so register for the Multiplier Event or hit Subscribe and stay tuned to see the long version of our Audio-Video Journal. We still have some surprises for you!

Enjoy 📹

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